Boesmanland | Between here and there

A series that looks at the harshness of the Boesmanland*, a desert area in the Northern Cape where farmers struggle, not only financially but with mental well-being. The winters are long, dry and cold and during the summer temperatures soar to highs many people couldn’t even imagine possible, but the summer also brings rain, very precious rain. It is during this time where your preparation and planning will be put to the test by your ability to keep your family alive another 6 months down the line when the rain is merely a memory.

Here is nothing but huge open stretches of nothing, filled with nothing for as far as the eye can see.

The goal set for this series was to find structure through exploring the vast openness and prove that even in a place you wouldn’t expect to find anything there is something waiting if you search hard enough. From flat salt pans which have turned into abandoned diamond mines and are now lakes filled with ground water which has the same salt concentration as the Dead Sea, road signs that have been sand blasted clean of their markings to sheep which have contracted urea poisoning and birds who somehow manage to call this area home, there is more to the Boesmanland than meets the eye.