A job that takes you places

I honestly love you, job. 

An incredible opportunity landed in my inbox to create a film about the da Vinci Surgical Robot for Mediclinic.

As with most of these medical videos, the major challenge at hand is to show as much of the surgery, but not show any of it that might upset sensitive viewers, which as surgery goes is most of it. That challenge forces you to approach the situation completely differently and think outside of the box.

A question I get asked frequently is; how can I watch the operation and not get grossed out? I reckon the interest and curiosity out ways anything else. It's a fascinating place to be in a theater and be allowed to just watched and ask questions.


Dream Team

On 31 March 2016, a short film I created along with brother was released. We expected gain 2000 views at least in the first week. I jokingly said to David, we'll make 10 000 views, but it was not meant seriously at all.

Now less than a week in the film has 25 000 views, far exceeding our hopes. It has been shared on multiple big online platformssuch as Shock Mansion, Jalopnik and Enduro21.

The feedback has been fantastic and really encouraging thus far. The next one is already in pre-production.

Cheers to small holiday projects! 

Off topic, but worth a mention

This past weekend I travelled up to Oranjemund on the border of Namibia to take part in the annual Desert 300 rally. It's a 300km off-road through the desert around the town. I haven't raced in more than eight years, and the two races before that most would laugh at. I was joined by my brother, who is a seasoned racer, along with my father and mother.

It turned out to be a great weekend for the Ellis family. My brother took first in the Open Class and first overall, I suprisesed us all including myself with a third in Open Class and my father, accompanied by my mother as co-driver, took first in the Sand Master Class and second overall amongst the cars.

Nakhane Toure: Piggy Boy's Blues

Jameson's INDIEchannel commissioned me to film and edit a short film for Nakhane Toure's début novel.

The idea was simple, yet it had the potential to be visually pleasing to watch. We arrived at Noordhoek beach in the early hours of the morning just before the sun broke only to be greeted by a tremendous wind which almost ripped the car door clean off the car itself.

In the final video, I hoped to show the conditions and let the wind sweep the camera yet keep a calm and consitent mood with voice over.

High Life

To date, the work that has received the most recognition has been my personal projects. It's a great feeling.

British Airways High Life Magazine featured a few of my images from the Between Here & There series. To say I'm beyond stoked would be an understatement.